NET Teachers

Jason Stuart

Wesley Wiegand

Hi everyone! My name is Mr Jason and I am originally from Sydney, Australia and I am a Native English Teacher at Kwok Man School.

As a teacher I love to motivate and inspire students to work hard at reaching their potential.

When I am not teaching, I am working as a performer. I have worked in musical theatre, ballet and opera productions by Opera Hong Kong, The American Ballet and the Bolshoi Ballet among others.

I am also passionate about fitness and movement and have certification in Pilates. I have taught classes in fitness, aerobics and sports for many years.

When I am not working I love traveling, exploring, training, hiking, cycling and spending time with my friends.

Hi everyone! My name is Wesley Wiegand and I was born and raised in South Africa. I am the new English teacher at Kwok Man School. I have been a teacher for the past 6 years, teaching in South Africa for 5 years before coming to Hong Kong where I’ve taught for a year before joining Kwok Man School.

While teaching in South Africa I was also a sports coach who trained children different athletic items, rugby, cricket and long distance running.

I enjoy being part of the teaching team at Kwok Man School and I continue to look forward to working with the students.

If you see me around, please say hello.

I love living in Hong Kong! For the past 9 months I’ve been living in Mong Kok where I enjoy walking around the busy streets and visiting the different street markets in the area.

Since moving to Hong Kong I’ve been exploring the beautiful outdoors. I often go hiking, swimming or biking with my friends. We have lots of fun seeing the beautiful landscapes Hong Kong has to offer and we find it very interesting to learn more about the country’s culture and its proud traditions. 

I have a real passion for helping students and it’s my goal that all the children I work with reach their full potential. I look forward to teaching at Kwok Man School and can’t wait to meet all of you!